Mark and Giulia are traveling the world for 4 months, from December 2010 to April 2011. To learn a bit about the idea behind this website, you can read their first post, Welcome Aboard.

Mark is a history teacher and a writer. He has taught and coached at two different private schools and loved the experience of working with high school students. As a writer, he is a contributor and the associate editor for the Ocean Beach Bulletin, a hyper-local news organization in Western San Francisco. He also writes a weekly column for the Scuttlefish, an ocean-appreciation website, and interviews ocean enthusiasts. He like to surf, swim, bike, run, read, and eat milkshakes.





Giulia was born and raised in Italy. She moved to the States when she was 8 and has lived here ever since. She met Mark the first week of freshman year at Georgetown University, and they have been together ever since. She has a strong passion for online marketing and has worked for numerous beauty & fashion companies. She loves kids, so much so that she spent the last year volunteering at a pre-school and the last 3 years as a board member for a girls secondary school in Kenya. She loves hot yoga, her bulldog Augustus, vintage flea markets, and anything Marc Jacobs.



  1. Hey! I’ve always dreamed of traveling around the world but for now I’ll have to live vicariously through you guys! Thank you for sharing, and enjoy!


  2. gonna miss you guys! i think i figured out how to get e-mail updates 🙂

  3. hey mark and guilia! i just stumbled upon this site from
    facebook. i think this is so exciting. nick and i did the same
    thing last year. quit our jobs in SF and traveled for the winter.
    it was amazing. and now we’re farming in north carolina! so
    greatful for the change in our lives. we’ll be thinking of you and
    wishing you the best of travels. kate.

  4. Hi Mark,

    My name is Michiel (pronounced Michelle) and I’m working with a global education nonprofit called World Savvy in San Francisco. We’re partnering with the Daraja Academy to connect Daraja students with 20 SFUSD high school girls through photography. I saw your video on the Daraja website and did a double-take when I saw your picture. By any chance, did you go to ASIJ in elementary school? Are you Carl’s younger brother? We were in the same class.

    I’m intrigued by you and Giulia’s story. I look forward to your blog posts throughout your journey, especially when you make your way back to the Daraja Academy. I would love to meet you two someday.

    Safe travels, and Happy Holidays!

    Warm wishes,


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