Posted by: Giulia | May 2, 2011

With a Little Help From My Friend…

Ciao Friends!

I am sooo excited about this post I don’t even know where to begin….

As you all know we have been traveling for the last 4 months, and if you didn’t know, well, you have not been paying close attention to our blog. (Sorry, I am in a goofy mood tonight). Along the way, both Mark and I have collected all sorts of memorabilia of our trip. From airplane tickets to business cards, to bus passes and museum tickets…you name it, we kept it. When I got back to San Francisco I didn’t know where to keep all these fun trinkets. All I knew was that they were too special to hide away in a drawer never to be seen again.

So, an idea popped up in my head. This “GREAT, ORIGINAL, FANTASTIC & SMART” idea to call-up my good friend Briana. You see, she is an artist. Not any artist, someone who is so creative and inspiring who would come up with the perfect execution. And oh boy, did she do just that.

My friend Briana hard at work

The same night I gave B (That’s my nickname for her) all my stubs from our trip she emailed me her big concept without giving much away. She said,“I want to create a piece to commemorate your recent world excursion. I want to build something that can grow with you as you continue on your life journey.” Ummm, OK. Can we say LOVE IT?!

When I first saw the final artwork in her living room floor I was confused. It was a beautiful painted canvas but nothing was on it. I didn’t really get it. What happened to all my cool trinkets? Where they all hidden underneath the thick paint?

Briana used magnetic paint to create this beautiful canvas...

The artist painting the border of the wooden canvas wine red.

Then the light bulb went on when I saw the hand-made wooden magnets B had created to accompany the canvas. Wow! is all I could say…

Ticket stubs and other memorabilia from our trip that Briana transformed into magnets!

Such personalization and craftsmanship! It is something that will continue to grow, change and evolve with us for years to come.

Hugs to the creater of this project! Add a few pictures and voila'.

Close-up on one of my favorite magnets. A ski pass from Nagano, Japan.

Thanks so much B!





  1. idea officially stolen. no that seems mean… idea officially borrowed? haha. i love love love it.

  2. Love the idea…… xxxx

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