Posted by: Giulia | April 13, 2011

A Walk to the Lighthouse – My Reflection on our Journey

Today marks a special day. Its our last day in Dublin. But it’s more than that. It’s the last day in a foreign city. Tomorrow we head back to the States, New York to be exact, ready to embark on a new journey. Our life back home.

I know Mark tends to be the spiritual, reflective one while I post all the pretty pictures. But for my last post I want to make it a little extra special for our friends, old and new, that decided to follow us on our 4-month adventure around the world.

But this post is actually dedicated to my husband. While we walked to the Dublin Lighthouse today I was reflecting on the fact that I wouldn’t be here in this world if it weren’t for him and his unconditional love for me. You see, I was very very sick for half of 2009 and a lot of 2010. I suffered from a major depression that stole from me my love for life. I was suicidal for a very long time. I was hospitalized in a psych ward for 23 days. I describe this period of my life as “hell on earth.” But Mark. Oh Mark. He was by my side every single day.

While I hold his hand today with our matching All Stars (he is not too happy about this) everything feels different. We have been together for close to 11 years but the love and admiration I have for him today feels completely new.

This was never meant to be just a fun trip to get away and see the beauty of this world. This was a healing journey for the two of us. Getting sick changed everything…for the better I should add.

“How is that possible?” you might ask. I am a better person having suffered through a mental illness. I am a more loving daughter, wife and I know one day mother. I wouldn’t change a single thing. My past led me to today. And today I have a new-found love and appreciation for myself and my life. A new way of seeing the world and the people in it.

So my love, this post is just for you Mark. Thank you for being by my side in sickness and in health, through the good times and the bad, while we were laying on the beaches of Indonesia or with the beautiful girls at Daraja… you are my everything.

I’m looking forward to our many journeys in life. Holding hands, of course 🙂

Your Wife

PS. If you want to hear more about our life story Mark is wrapping up our memoir. It’s going to be titled “Where The Road Meets The Sun”. How very fitting! You didn’t think that was by accident, do you?



  1. ..a smile….a small tear… and the recognition of something very special. You’ve just lightened my day too. I can’t wait to read the book!

  2. Like Sue, a tear of happiness was brought to my eye as well. You are a motivation and true inspiration Giulia & Mark.

  3. Love. Can’t wait to see you both!

  4. I am so happy for you both. It is truly wonderful to witness the deep and soulful love you share. I hop e we can see you when you return to SF. so much love to you both

  5. This was a WOW moment for me, Guilia. Thank you for your share. You are truly a beautiful person, inside and out. xoxoxo

  6. Beautiful post! You and Mark really are an inspiration and I’m so lucky to have you both in my life 🙂 Love you! Can’t wait to see you!

  7. Beautiful Giulia! I love your reflection on life and love. My heart is both heavy and light. Your love is so deep as It dances with the infinite and charts its way through the finite.

  8. This beautiful blog just wrapped itself in the best bow, ever. Absolutely amazing post, Giulia. I haven’t commented on the posts as I did when you guys were in Japan and such, and I regret that I haven’t, but I have followed your journey from when you left and I will until you are done.

    It is funny. The other day as I was sitting waiting for class to start I was looking through my twitter feed and I noticed a post by Mark. I read it and wondered how I even ran across Mark’s feed to begin with. Granted I live in New Jersey, you two in San Fran. We have no connection whatsoever. Yet, when my suitemates and friends finally registered twitter accounts, Mark had an account that I suggested they follow.

    If you were to go through my favorites on twitter, you would see posts by Mark come up a lot. Things that just made me laugh hysterically, or things that made me think, or things that I just go “hey, I think that SAME THING, but never actually put it into words”. In some small, miniature, way, he has had an impact on me.

    It is who he is. It may be what his duty here on Earth is. Just to help and offer a view of a life of well being.

    You both went through these things for a reason and it was to become closer and start a new chapter in your book. “Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove you can stand on your own”, but sometimes you have to stand with someone else to remind yourself that you are not in this alone.

    I will always wish you both the best, and send good thoughts your way from across the country.

    Best, always,

    • Ciao Christian!
      Thanks for the super sweet note. It means a lot to both of us. Thanks for following our journey from the very beginning. Home tomorrow!

  9. Mark & Giulia,

    A lot of prayers have been answered. May continued Good health and happiness be yours on the remainder of your journey through this life. I feel so lucky to know you and have learned from your travels.

    Susan Snyder

  10. […] illness. I think the best two to get you started are The Truth Will Set You Free, and A Walk To The Lighthouse. They’re especially great because one of them is from my perspective, and one of them is from […]

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