Posted by: Mark | April 12, 2011

Adventures in Milkshakelandia

On December 20, 2010, the night before our trip’s departure, we met our friends Wendy, Celine, Lee, and Paul at Mel’s Diner on Van Ness in San Francisco for dinner. I, of course, ordered a milkshake. A giant milkshake, the kind that you get served with the silver milkshake cup so that you can really stuff yourself on milkshake. It was glorious.

I have searched the world for substitutes, but nothing compares to that good old fashioned American style milkshake, served in an absurdly large proportion and in a silver cup. Sure, I’ve sipped milkshake imitators while taking in the views of the Indian Ocean in Bali, and even slurped down milkshakes in Kenya that were so thick they were basically ice cream, but I had yet to find the milkshake that made me feel at home.

Until today. Walking back to our hotel through Dublin, I passed an “Eddie Rocket,” which is basically the Irish version of Johnny Rocket. I didn’t hesitate. My heart was set on one task only, and that was to find a milkshake.

Introducing…Adventures in Milkshakelandia!

It’s worth it to click on the photo and zoom in to really enjoy the facial expressions. Till we meet again, milkshake!

I will be given a swift kick to the shins if I don’t publicly acknowledge the entirely collaborative creative experience that was Milkshakelandia. It was Giulia’s idea to over-document the experience, and my idea to turn it into a comic, and in the end we have the first true Mark AND Giulia blog post.



  1. This is CLASSIC. Well done.

  2. Cool, I’ll study in Dublin next semester, so I’ll make sure to finally have some milkshake that’s not from McDonald’s :/

  3. Mark, Giulia — first time poster, long time reader. Been enjoying your trip reports and the insights you weave into your writing. Great stuff, and looking forward to what you have to say about my city, NYC, when you arrive. 🙂

    • Thanks Christopher! How did you find our little travel blog? In NYC for 24 hours. I love the city 🙂

      • Funny actually, quite some time ago Mark followed me on Twitter (@cintagliata) and I wasn’t sure who he was but liked what he posted. So I checked out harakabaraka and then this!

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